Speaking Death

Hi, I pray you were blessed since my last article. I have been thinking about writing this article for some time now but never got a chance to. I was watching my favorite TV Pastor Joel Osteen whose topic this week was Gods future blessings and he said something that made me say to myself, maybe it’s time to write this article. He said sometimes we talk ourselves out of our blessings.

He is so right I am only going to use 1 scripture for this article it comes from Proverbs Chapter 13 paragraph 3 He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life; but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction. You can interpret that many ways but one interpretation could be our mouth yields the power of life or death.

We have many problems that come to us naturally from living in this world, just because we are Christians does not mean we will not have problems, because just the opposite is true. Depending on where you are in your spiritual development you will come under attack from satan and his demons, so we do not need any more help with getting more problems thrown at us, however sometimes we bring it to ourselves by what we speak.

I can personally attest this to be true because of 2 things I once said, looking back were words of death that came to be because of what I uttered. Let me define what I mean by words of death, that is when you speak something that is negative Example you are thinking about applying for a job, you apply, get the interview but after the interview you speak out to someone saying something like, I don’t know why I even went to that interview, I’m not going to get the job the interview was horrible.

You just spoke words of death and might have just talked your self out of the blessing of getting that job. I have decided recently I am not going to speak death any longer I am going to speak life. I want the blessings God wants me to have. I have already said this and now I am going to put it in writing, I know this site will be extremely successful, I am not bragging I am just speaking life, because I know God wants me to succeed.

You as a saved Christian should know the same thing, God wants you to succeed. Speak it say it. Think about how you got saved you had to speak it aloud asking Jesus into your life, you can’t just think it, it has to be spoken.

Just as you had to speak out to get saved you have to speak life to get your blessings. To many saved Christians get discouraged and often speak negatively on the blessings they should have received. Another example, there is this person you are attracted to and who knows they might be attracted to you as well, but you speak out and say something like, “I’m not going to waste my time approaching them because they won’t like me” You just spoke death and talked yourself out of approaching someone who could have been your future mate.

Look at the above scripture and speak, but do not speak death, speak life, always remembering the tongue yields the power of life and death.

Have a blessed week and always remember if you are in a place where you are Loved, Honored, and Respected could be a job, a friendship, a marriage, whatever it may be Stay There do not be tempted away for this is a gift from God.

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