23 Minutes In Hell

I watched Jentezen Franklin earlier this afternoon and he had a guest on today by the name of Bill Wiese who had written a million selling book called 23 minutes in hell.

It seems Bill had an out of body experience and went to hell for 23 minutes. He spoke about what he had experienced there and the horrors of hell. He quoted scripture upon scripture about what he had experienced.

He went on to say how hell was prepared for satan and his fallen angels, man was not intended to dwell there, but since there are men that chose not to believe in God and accept His Son as their Savior, hell is for all of those people.

Bill went on to say how dark it was in hell darker than anything you can imagine and quoted scripture as to why, in the book of Revelations it states that there is no need for the sun in Heaven because God is the light. He said he felt no hope while he was there because there was no love, because God is love. He was in what seemed to be in a very dark prison cell alone feeling no love and having no sense of hope, no contact with anyone, all he could basically see was people engulfed in flame being tortured by demons along with hearing screams of anguish and pain.

I know some people will read this and say this man just made all of this up to sell books and will go about their day to day activities still not believing in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Hell is an eternal prison, except all the money and the best lawyers cannot get you out of it. Just like men make the decision to go to jail by committing crimes, the people in hell got there by choosing not to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

We live on this planet for a short time, a very short time, while we don’t want to think about death the fact is no matter how rich or how poor we are, we will all die one day, and while we do live here a very short time, once we leave here, our next life is eternal.

I remember at work one day my co worker who is also a Christian was talking to a gentleman about getting saved and he said he would one day when he gets himself right. I asked him what did he mean by that getting himself right? He could not really put it in words but I think what he was trying to say is what a lot of people think, that you have to be saved to get saved. People let me say we are all imperfect we all sin, don’t think because you get saved you will no longer sin because you will, because it’s in our nature, but when you get saved you are under the blood of Jesus, you should repent daily for your sins when saved because you will sin but with the Lords help you can control your sin and you’re under Gods grace.

If you haven’t already, go out and buy this book or go to the local library and read it. An example Bill gave in his interview with Jentezen is we’ll research where we plan to go to take a short summer vacation but won’t do any research on where we will spend our eternal lives at.. Think about that?

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Are You Ready? The Rapture

I pray all of you had a blessed week and always remember if you are in a place where you are Loved, Honored, and Respected, could be a friendship. a marriage, a job, whatever it may be, Stay There, do not be tempted away, for this is a gift from God.

I wrote an article not to long ago entitled Are you Ready? This was a question that I asked based on a sermon I had just listened to by Jentezen Franklin. He basically asked the question because he feels some Christians are so caught up in their everyday lives and enjoying themselves so much here on Earth that they might not want our Lord and Savior to come back at this present time to rapture the Church.

I then went on to discuss how I asked a few young people how they felt about it and they said truthfully they were not ready. One said he would like to experience marriage and having children first.

Well with the recent happenings of the gentleman who gave a date of May 21st 2011 at 6pm for the rapture the question was somewhat answered.

We saw on the Internet and on TV people carrying the signs trying to get public attention on the event. This gentleman gathered quite a large following with no one taking into account of what our Lord Jesus himself said (Matthew chapter 29-36) para 36 but of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but my Father only. It seems the supporters of this date forgot that most important scripture.

I myself have an opinion on the date, but I will also like to say I am not a prophet and it is just an opinion.

One thing that all of this did which was refreshing to me was the amount of believers that are out here, that are ready for our Saviors return but what we as believers must do is become more familiar with the Bible and not listen to and believe in the opinion of a man.

Reading what some of the believers had to say that believed in this date after the fact made me realize that things are so dismal in the lives of the average person they are tired of living here on this earth and because of this were ready to go, there were people who in the time of Jesus tired of Roman oppression were also ready.

Then there are the people who realize no matter what you may have here on earth could never compare to what awaits in Heaven and are ready to go now, no matter what they have on this planet.

There are people that have been condemning this man for his opinion but if we open our eyes and really look at things we cannot blame him but take the responsibility upon ourselves if we chose to believe in his opinions.

But again what I found refreshing in all of this is that there are a multitude of believers out here who cannot wait for our Saviors return just as I am.

In all things there are lessons to be learned and I learned for the most part the answer to the question is that most of the believers are ready for our Saviors return. Are you?

Have a blessed week and if the Lord willing speak with you soon.

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